Fostering Independence and Enhanced Quality of Life.

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Sometimes it’s that helping hand that can make all the difference: a professional who helps determine the services you need, gives you the information you’ve been looking for, helps create a plan for caring for your needs, acts as a advocate on your behalf and follows up with you and your service provider to ensure that the plan of care is adequate by meeting your needs. They will also act as a liaison for you when you are dealing with a difficult situation.

At Wesley, we call these people Care Managers: people who not only assist residents in obtaining needed supportive services, but also inspire increased independence and self-reliance. Several Wesley communities have Care Managers on staff.

Your Care Manager will meet with you individually and confidentially for individualized planning in order to refer you to services related to management, nutrition, family living, leisure activities, healthcare and government services like Medicare and Medicaid. Most of our Care Managers are Certified Dementia Practitioners and many of them are Certified Geriatric Care Managers and even Licensed Social Workers. The Wesley Team has experts in many different areas of Geriatric Care including Licensed Nurses and can call on the expertise of a wide range of skilled professionals when needed.

Care Managers also coordinate educational seminars for group learning and resident socialization. Many guest speakers come to our facilities to talk about healthcare, insurance, wealth management, substance abuse, scams, security, and many other topics that are of interest to our residents to make them aware of available services and how to access them. Sometimes the care managers can secure volunteers for programs like adopt-a-grandparent for generational socialization and improved quality of life for everyone.

Since independence is paramount, Care Managers provide the information that residents need to make their own decisions. Care Managers assist in paperwork preparation, counseling, assessment, management issues, medical issues, home non-medical and medical services, and a whole host of other services available through government, not-for-profit and private sources. Wesley care managers work with both residents and management to help prevent evictions and loss of housing as well as premature institutionalization. Care managers assist residents in aging-in-place so that residents can enjoy the independence of their home as long as possible.

A better quality of life. A sense of independence and fulfillment. It’s all part of our mission and ministry at Wesley Living.

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While we are proud of our faith-based origin, our main goal is always the safety and satisfaction of our clients, regardless of religious affiliation. Wesley Home Services provides non-medical in-home assistance only.

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